Three Tips for Grilling Vegetables

Grilling Vegetables pic
Grilling Vegetables

Serving as the Calida Group’s director of senior housing since 2015, Thomas Jurbala of Las Vegas, Nevada, oversees asset management and underwriting in regard to potential nursing, memory care, and assisted living facility acquisition. At home, Thomas Jurbala enjoys firing up the barbecue and grilling, and he also loves vegetables.

Grilling vegetables gives them that distinct barbecue flavor but presents its own set of challenges. Follow these three tips to ensure your barbecued vegetables are both delicious and easy to cook.

1. Use Oil – Coating or tossing your vegetables in oil before putting them on the grill prevents them from drying out. The oil will also help any seasoning you use stick to the veggies. Coat them lightly; dripping oil may cause the fire to flare up.

2. Pre-Cooking – Some vegetables grill better if you precook them in the kitchen. For harder vegetables like carrots and asparagus, simmer them in a pan for a few minutes to help them soften up before you throw them on the grill.

3. Smart Cutting – When cutting your vegetables for the grill, think about what cuts would maximize the surface area exposed to the grill’s hot surface. For example, instead of cutting a zucchini or eggplant into chunks, try rounds or strips.