Nutrition Programs for Children through Three Square in Nevada

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Three Square

Thomas Jurbala serves as director of senior housing for The Calida Group in Las Vegas. A civic-minded resident of Las Vegas, Thomas Jurbala enjoys supporting local organizations, including the Three Square food bank system.

Three Square, a member of Feeding America, is the food bank serving Lincoln, Nye, Esmeralda, and Clark Counties in Nevada. Three Square works in cooperation with 1,300 local partners, allowing the organization to assist community members in three interrelated ways: 1) traditional food banking, 2) reclaiming surplus food through its food rescue program, and 3) providing ready-to-eat meals to people in need.

Three Square also maintains a focus on childhood hunger and nutrition in southern Nevada. More than 117,000 area children regularly experience hunger, which can cause them to struggle in school or face chronic health concerns that follow them into adulthood. To help, Three Square operates programs like BackPack for Kids and Kids Cafe.

BackPack for Kids provides area students with food for the weekend when they do not have access to school meals, and Kids Cafe serves children during the summer months. These programs ensure that local kids have access to food throughout the entire year.


Seniors Flocking to Low-Tax States Like Nevada

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Thomas Jurbala received a bachelor of science in marketing from Purdue University and later earned his MBA from Loyola Marymount University. Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Thomas Jurbala has nearly 20 years of experience in managing development projects from the ground up, including senior housing facilities, hotels, and condominiums.

As of 2016, Nevada has the eighth lowest property tax rate in the United States. While trends suggest young people are moving to states in the Northeast and Midwest with high property tax rates, the value of homes in those states have not risen as rapidly as those in low-tax states. New Jersey, for example, leads the nation with an average annual tax bill of $8,477, but the state’s average home value has only risen five percent in the recent national housing recovery effort. In comparison, Colorado has seen home values increase by 59 percent, all the while maintaining the nation’s third lowest property tax rate.

Markets in the West and Southeast with lower property taxes are luring more buyers. In particular, senior housing has become a lucrative market in Nevada. United Van Lines’ 2016 National Movers Study found that approximately 32 percent of the people surveyed cited retirement benefits as the main reason for their move to the state, whereas only 20 percent of movers cited the lifestyle benefits. Consequently, over 57 percent of the people who moved to Nevada in 2016 were over 55 years old. Overall, Nevada was the ninth-ranked state for inbound moves.