A Brief History of Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey pic
Ice Hockey
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The most accepted history of ice hockey begins in the 1800s in Canada. Boys from King’s College School in Windsor created the game as a new form of hurley, a well-known field game.

During winter, the boys adapted hurley to be played on ice. Originally called ice hurley, the sport was soon adopted by Fort Edward soldiers and carried on to Halifax.

Over the decades, ice hurley became known as ice hockey. The first official games were played in the 1850s, but a set of rules for the sport was not established until the 1870s.

By 1880, Canada had established its first amateur hockey league, which helped the sport’s popularity grow throughout the country. By 1893, ice hockey had spread to the United States.

Hockey leagues and tournaments began cropping up throughout North America, and hockey organizations started forming in the early 1900s. Since then, ice hockey has grown into a wildly popular sport in countries all over the world.